Question About Messing Up The Bot’s Logic

I got a question by email yesterday from a subscriber who just got this product in the mail. 

Q: Is there any way to prevent ordering from a specific seller in the future, to exclude them, or to know who/where an item came from?  I received an item today I really would have loved but the bottle broke in shipping.  It was nail polish, so no chance to save it.  It was not packaged well for a glass bottle.

I understand if that’s beyond the bot’s code.  I still rated it as positive because I don’t want a negative rating to mess up the logic.
A: Good to hear from you! That does sound disappointing.

The best way to prevent the bot from ordering from a specific seller is to give the product a negative rating. It won’t mess up the logic. Negative feedback make the bot a lot less likely to re-buy a particular product. Right now the products aren’t categorized by specific sellers. But it is certainly possible for products to get blacklisted if they get negative feedback.

The product was sold by Chic Beauty, a store on based in China. The item you got is this one.
This nail polish has been ordered by the bot 14 times so far, gotten 5 positive ratings and no negative ratings. The bot really likes products with 100% positive feedback. If you switch your rating the bot will not buy it nearly as much and hopefully there will be fewer broken bottles in the mail.

Item Of The Day: Cat In A Box

Who says the bot doesn’t send out cats in boxes! These stickers go out to anyone who selects keywords cute, animal, kawaii, Korea, 3d or sticky note. It is one of many cat-themed stationary products that I only recently discovered after the bot dug them up and started buying quite a few. As you can see from the below picture, the cat/box arrives flat and is quickly assembled into a little cat-shaped sticker dispenser!

First Bought
Feb 29, 2016

sticky note

Item Of The Day: Whimsical Moon Notebook

Sara in Ohio posted on Facebook “Bobcatinabox #2 shortly after my birthday number two has rolled on in. Husband found it in the mail long after mail should have come! Its a whimsical little notebook! How great I love to take notes! Says on the cover “the moon rose, your dreams will come true”. Bobcatinabox’s bot must be on my wavelength (or my keywords were spot on…lol)! Thanks again guys for the great surprise!”

Item Of The Day: 11 in 1 Multi Pocket Tool

One of the bot’s most popular items, only availabe for those with keywords tool or survival selected, is this wallet-sized multi-use tool. It is can be your…
-Can opener
-Knife edge
-Cap opener
-4 position wrench
-Butterfly wrench
-Saw blade
-Direction ancillary indication
-2 position wrench
-Lanyard hole (key ring hole)

Great for camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, trail riding, measuring very small distances or bottle opening. The seller advertises a 12 month warranty, so if you break yours let me know!


Item Of The Day: Cute Korean Pens

Want colorful pens with animals and random words on them? Well quite a few of you want this sort of Kawaii stationery because it has some of the top feedback in the bot’s database. These Korean pens go out from keywords Kawaii, pen, stationery, cute or Korean.

Item Of The Day: Colorful Mice

These squeaky toy mice are a favorite of those who have ‘cat toy’ or ‘cats’ as keywords. The seller writes…

Can make clear sound, draw your cat’s attention easily and arouse its curiosity. Make your pet feel more interesting, energetic, nimbler.

Whose cat doesn’t want to feel more interesting? They show mice in every color, from pink to green to orange, but the bot doesn’t get any choice in what color mouse it buys. It must be decided at the whim of someone on the fulfillment center, which seems appropriate.

The manufacturer also sent the bot this map showing their worldwide shipping times and supply chain. I know quite a few subscribers have questions about shipping for the first month when items are in transit. This breaks down their process a bit. I think customs is the biggest chunk of the delivery time. Packing the little mice on a plane and getting them to the cats that need to feel more interesting can’t take long.

First Bought
Dec 15, 2015

cat toy

Item Of The Day: Armored Batman Lego

An angry Batman armored minifigure from TT toys has a cape, grimace and glazed over eyes, presumably because of all the injustice in Gotham. This is one of the most popular items bought by the bot. What I didn’t quite understand, was why Batman has a gun. After some digging, I have figured it out. TT Toys is a Milan based manufacturer that specializes in replica pedal and electric cars. Not bat specialists*. I have no idea how they got from tiny cars to superheroes but perhaps they should stick to making Lamborghinis you can pedal around the block. Batman doesn’t use guns. Wikipedia confirms: “An exception to the range of Batman’s equipment are guns, which he refuses to use on principle, since a gun was used in his parents’ murder.” On the other hand, perhaps TT toys are on to something. As you can see from the below feedback chart a whooping 86% of subscribers who get this little guy give the package a thumbs up. Not bad at all.

* A bat specialist is called a chiropterologist. The more you know.

First Bought
Jan 20, 2016


Item Of The Day: Resurrection Plant

A subscriber wrote in with a picture of this very unusual and interesting resurrection plant.  She writes “The plant is awesome. It is basically dead and can survive like that for years apparently. Then when you add water it comes back to life. This is what it looks like after a couple of hours in water [see below picture]. You should get the bot to buy this for others.”

The top picture is how the plant shows up, the bottom picture the subscriber sent in after it had been in water for a few hours.

First Bought
Feb 4, 2016


Item Of The Day: BlockWorks Droids




I recently met up with subscriber Andrew in Chicago, who brought along this little pair of droids that the bot sent him. Lego is one of the top keywords, as you can see here and here. About 5% of all packages the bought buys are either Legos or similar mini-figures, like these ones. There are a few funny things that we noticed about these figures. First, notice that the BlockWorks logo is ‘Collect Them All’, borrowing generously from Pokemon for some reason. Also it is unclear what the black droid is doing with a blue button on it’s head. My theory is that it got accidentally thrown in at the factory. Or perhaps it is a light so that the drone can’t run off without you seeing where it is!