Item Of The Day: BlockWorks Droids




I recently met up with subscriber Andrew in Chicago, who brought along this little pair of droids that the bot sent him. Lego is one of the top keywords, as you can see here and here. About 5% of all packages the bought buys are either Legos or similar mini-figures, like these ones. There are a few funny things that we noticed about these figures. First, notice that the BlockWorks logo is ‘Collect Them All’, borrowing generously from Pokemon for some reason. Also it is unclear what the black droid is doing with a blue button on it’s head. My theory is that it got accidentally thrown in at the factory. Or perhaps it is a light so that the drone can’t run off without you seeing where it is!

Item Of The Day: Small Hunting Knife

A subscriber in Australia writes “Received a small hunting knife. Certainly a contrast from faux-lego minifigs and bottle openers.”


Apparently it was opened and inspected by Australia Customs, so perhaps the bot is succeeding in its original goal of getting people onto watch lists!

Items Of The Day: Phone Stands

The bot has been sending Ozzy (@1KBM) unique phone stands with some enthusiasm…