Item Of The Day: Tiny Plastic Giraffe

I just came across this tiny giraffe posted by acmekat on Instagram, which apparently was labeled as fresh cut flowers!

The Chinese manufacturer must be using some reverse psychology on the customs folks. Fresh cut flowers are impossible to get through the border. A little plastic giraffe on the other hand would sail through. The only solution? Start labeling giraffes as flowers and flowers as giraffes. If anyone actually reads these descriptions they must get so confused.

Item Of The Day: Japanese Brassica Seeds

The bot sent Sara in Ohio these seeds. After some digging I found this description…
“Special vegetable Brassica vegetables, also known as crystal, is early maturing varieties imported from Japan, including mineral -rich, low-sodium high- potassium new varieties, it has a unique aroma. Can be fried, salad, pickled, hot pot dishes is fine. Plant height of 40-50 cm , weight 1-2 kg per plant.”
I do wonder about the unique aroma. It might be a variety of Japanese mustard spinach. But I am not one for botany. I know some of the seeds ordered by the bot have been successfully planted with surprising results!

Item Of The Day: Squirrel Spatula

ferckinclerser over on Instagram posted this little video of packages bought by the bot. At the end you can see the cat suspiciously eyeing the pile of random packages. It looks like a dinosaur shaped ladle and squirrel spatula were among the haul.