Item Of The Day: Japanese Brassica Seeds

The bot sent Sara in Ohio these seeds. After some digging I found this description…
“Special vegetable Brassica vegetables, also known as crystal, is early maturing varieties imported from Japan, including mineral -rich, low-sodium high- potassium new varieties, it has a unique aroma. Can be fried, salad, pickled, hot pot dishes is fine. Plant height of 40-50 cm , weight 1-2 kg per plant.”
I do wonder about the unique aroma. It might be a variety of Japanese mustard spinach. But I am not one for botany. I know some of the seeds ordered by the bot have been successfully planted with surprising results!

Item Of The Day: Squirrel Spatula

ferckinclerser over on Instagram posted this little video of packages bought by the bot. At the end you can see the cat suspiciously eyeing the pile of random packages. It looks like a dinosaur shaped ladle and squirrel spatula were among the haul.

Question About Messing Up The Bot’s Logic

I got a question by email yesterday from a subscriber who just got this product in the mail. 

Q: Is there any way to prevent ordering from a specific seller in the future, to exclude them, or to know who/where an item came from?  I received an item today I really would have loved but the bottle broke in shipping.  It was nail polish, so no chance to save it.  It was not packaged well for a glass bottle.

I understand if that’s beyond the bot’s code.  I still rated it as positive because I don’t want a negative rating to mess up the logic.
A: Good to hear from you! That does sound disappointing.

The best way to prevent the bot from ordering from a specific seller is to give the product a negative rating. It won’t mess up the logic. Negative feedback make the bot a lot less likely to re-buy a particular product. Right now the products aren’t categorized by specific sellers. But it is certainly possible for products to get blacklisted if they get negative feedback.

The product was sold by Chic Beauty, a store on based in China. The item you got is this one.
This nail polish has been ordered by the bot 14 times so far, gotten 5 positive ratings and no negative ratings. The bot really likes products with 100% positive feedback. If you switch your rating the bot will not buy it nearly as much and hopefully there will be fewer broken bottles in the mail.

Item Of The Day: Cat In A Box

Who says the bot doesn’t send out cats in boxes! These stickers go out to anyone who selects keywords cute, animal, kawaii, Korea, 3d or sticky note. It is one of many cat-themed stationary products that I only recently discovered after the bot dug them up and started buying quite a few. As you can see from the below picture, the cat/box arrives flat and is quickly assembled into a little cat-shaped sticker dispenser!

First Bought
Feb 29, 2016

sticky note