Mayhem Caused By The Keyword ‘Mystery’

A subscriber to the bot wrote in today…

I have changed a keyword from being positive to negative yet am still getting packages with that keyword. When I set [my account] up originally I selected mystery as one of the key words, then since a lot of the packages had this keyword I removed it. I was still getting packages with the mystery keyword so I then added it as a negative keyword. How quickly do keyword changes take effect? As there have been new packages with the mystery keyword since I made that change.

The keyword ‘mystery’ and ‘random’ are unique. These words essentially refer to anything that you haven’t specifically asked for, which includes everything bought by the bot. So these keywords will match every product the bot has.

New orders that are “pending” where the bot hasn’t yet confirmed the order are also marked as ‘mystery’. So everyone will always see a few ‘mystery’ packages at the top of their account. Eventually those ‘mystery’ packages reveal the keywords they are tagged with and get a better estimated arrival date. Over time the packages become less mysterious.

It is impossible for the bot to buy packages not tagged as ‘random’ or ‘mystery’ so adding them as negative keywords won’t change anything. The ‘mystery’ packages that you see on your account are placeholders and once confirmed will change their keywords. If you really don’t want any mystery, you could have only one, clearly defined, positive keywords on your account. Then you will be guaranteed no mystery. But that is kind of besides the point here. We want some mystery and surprise.

Keyword changes take effect once a week with a few exceptions where they get updated more quickly. The bot runs a program to determine which products match which users’ keywords. These are the stats from that program last week…

Products matching keywords: average is 4,346 products per address
Required positive keywords: average is 26 keywords per address

Item Of The Day: Armored Batman Lego

An angry Batman armored minifigure from TT toys has a cape, grimace and glazed over eyes, presumably because of all the injustice in Gotham. This is one of the most popular items bought by the bot. What I didn’t quite understand, was why Batman has a gun. After some digging, I have figured it out. TT Toys is a Milan based manufacturer that specializes in replica pedal and electric cars. Not bat specialists*. I have no idea how they got from tiny cars to superheroes but perhaps they should stick to making Lamborghinis you can pedal around the block. Batman doesn’t use guns. Wikipedia confirms: “An exception to the range of Batman’s equipment are guns, which he refuses to use on principle, since a gun was used in his parents’ murder.” On the other hand, perhaps TT toys are on to something. As you can see from the below feedback chart a whooping 86% of subscribers who get this little guy give the package a thumbs up. Not bad at all.

* A bat specialist is called a chiropterologist. The more you know.

First Bought
Jan 20, 2016


Item Of The Day: 1pcs Stainless Steel Watch Strap Band Spring Bar Link Pin Remover Repair Tool

Lets put this in the oddly specific category… here is an item that the bot found for the keyword “tool” last week.

This is a tool that “is great for easily fitting and removing spring bars and watch band lugs”. It looks more like a dentist’s tool to me. It must be helpful for watch self-repair somehow. If this arrives in your mailbox, perhaps you can let us know.