What could be more festive than random packages algorithmically bought by a robot? For those of you wanting the bot to do your Christmas shopping, I have added an option at the bottom of the signup page where you can indicate that you are signing up for Christmas. Click here to sign up.

While packages will arrive after Christmas, you will get a snazzy certificate and illustrated explanation that you can put in your confused relatives’ stocking.



A new option this year… indicate whether your recipient should get coal (naughty) or if the bot should try to buy nicer presents (nice)!

Special Keyword: Valentine

The bot has a new keyword ‘Valentine’ that you can login and add to your account (or add a new address for your loved one and send them Valentine-related items).

Along with a few Valentine-related surprise packages which might take a bit longer to arrive… for all addresses with ‘Valentine’ selected by February 1st, the bot will order a couple of these hand carved wooden hearts (see picture, colors will be a surprise). These ship from the US, so they should arrive by the 14th. The bot has already sent out a few of these and they’ve all gotten good feedback.

So add ‘Valentine’ to your account by Wednesday if you’d like to get a couple of these little hearts. They are each about an inch long.