What are the bot’s favorite keywords?

This afternoon I put together this bar chart of the top 25 keywords by their appearance on packages bought by the bot. Note that it is pretty flat and even the most popular keywords only match 5.5% of all the items the bot buys! We buy a lot of very different sorts of items. That said there are clearly some more popular categories like science, legos and cats.


Top Keywords By Country

Take a look at the below lists I put together of the most common keywords (positive and negative) that have been selected by folks using the bot from different countries. The data are quite noisy, but there are some interesting nuggets.

  • The US and UK share about half of their top positive and negative keywords. No other countries have nearly as much overlap in the top keywords they select.
  • Pretty much everyone likes Legos
  • The keywords ‘crafts’ is a top positive in New Zealand and a top negative in Ireland

PS – These are the most common keywords selected through the bot. That is, these are the keywords that participants have told the bot that they want/don’t want. This is not a list of items by the frequency that they have actually been ordered (for example, we have not ordered any ‘nazis’ items for obvious reasons).

Top Positive Keywords (United States)

  1. cat
  2. science
  3. Lego
  4. book
  5. Star Wars

Top Negative Keywords (United States)

  1. baby
  2. nazis
  3. earring
  4. earrings
  5. makeup

Top Positive Keywords (Australia)

  1. puzzle
  2. brain teaser
  3. dog
  4. fun
  5. Lego

Top Negative Keywords (Australia)

  1. postcards
  2. nazis
  3. car interior
  4. makeup
  5. cards

Top Positive Keywords (Canada)

  1. adult
  2. knitting
  3. electronic
  4. science
  5. sexy

Top Negative Keywords (Canada)

  1. Pokemon
  2. makeup
  3. Minecraft
  4. iphone
  5. bracelet

Top Positive Keywords (Ireland)

  1. scientific
  2. science
  3. antique
  4. knitting
  5. ancient

Top Negative Keywords (Ireland)

  1. beads
  2. tattoo
  3. car interior
  4. bead
  5. craft

Top Positive Keywords (New Zealand)

  1. usb fun
  2. craft
  3. charm
  4. jewelry
  5. necklace

Top Negative Keywords (New Zealand)

  1. bead
  2. beads
  3. computer
  4. led
  5. latex

Top Positive Keywords (United Kingdom)

  1. Lego
  2. geek
  3. science
  4. sci-fi
  5. survival

Top Negative Keywords (United Kingdom)

  1. earring
  2. jewelry
  3. bracelet
  4. baby
  5. earrings