New Video: More Love From The Bobcat

Take a look at Tony Graff‘s short newest unboxing video. There is no explanation in the video for the hat Tony is wearing. I’ve got a similar one. I do somehow like the idea of shooting unboxing videos while wearing large hats. More importantly, what did Tony get? Watch the video…

New Video: Lace & Auto Parts

If you have a minute, watch Tony Graff‘s latest unboxing video, featuring two packages and the recurring lies that sellers put on the customs forms. As Tony mentioned, the bot does buy through Amazon (about 10% of all packages ordered). They are a bit more expensive, but do arrive faster. I do like the 3d glasses in the background!

New Video: Tony Graff Unboxes

Take a look at the first couple unboxings from Tony Graff. Tony is currently #2 in our monumental effort to tag items from all over the internet with keywords for the bot. Check that out here.

I believe the below items were bought through Amazon although clearly not shipped from them directly. What did Tony get from the bot? You have to watch the videos to find out!