Item Of The Day: Resurrection Plant

A subscriber wrote in with a picture of this very unusual and interesting resurrection plant.¬† She writes “The plant is awesome. It is basically dead and can survive like that for years apparently. Then when you add water it comes back to life. This is what it looks like after a couple of hours in water [see below picture]. You should get the bot to buy this for others.”

The top picture is how the plant shows up, the bottom picture the subscriber sent in after it had been in water for a few hours.

First Bought
Feb 4, 2016


Cyber Monday: Ship Dinosaurs


Just for Cyber Monday, we are launching with a special offer… as many dinosaurs as you like for $1 each. We worked out a special integration with some suppliers just off Costa Rica and have a great deal with the post office on shipping.

We only have a few of the best sorts of dinosaurs left. The Hatzegopteryxes can be a handful. So head over and make sure your Aunt gets a Stegosaurus in time for Christmas.

If you already have a Bobcat In A Box account and would like to add some dinosaurs, send me an email at