Cautionary Tale

I just wanted to re-post something that Shaun Slatter just put on Facebook

I have been using the service for some time. Finally today after much anticipation, I finally got the bobcat. He was much larger, and angrier than expected. This was likely due to this 300lb machine of deaths .5 sq ft package, with insufficient styrofoam packing peanuts. Upon receiving the package, I used my trusty pocketknife to break the seal. This action caused me to knick the bobcat’s ear, which sent it into a rabid frenzy. It terrorized my family for over 7 hours and ate my children’s pets. Animal control has left with the bobcat, my wife has left with the children, and I Am currently undergoing reconstructive surgery to repair the lacerations from this animal gnawing on my face, like fido did with his rawhide before he became this beasts snack. You’ll be hearing from my attorneys.

While I have yet to hear from Shaun’s attorneys, his post has spurred me into getting some liability insurance for the bot as you never know what mood bobcats will arrive in. USPS isn’t as gentle as they used to be. Shaun later posted an update…

Wife has left me for bobcat. I’ve come to terms, I just want them to be happy. Next month’s box better have a gift certificate for therapy.