Item Of The Day: Colorful Mice

These squeaky toy mice are a favorite of those who have ‘cat toy’ or ‘cats’ as keywords. The seller writes…

Can make clear sound, draw your cat’s attention easily and arouse its curiosity. Make your pet feel more interesting, energetic, nimbler.

Whose cat doesn’t want to feel more interesting? They show mice in every color, from pink to green to orange, but the bot doesn’t get any choice in what color mouse it buys. It must be decided at the whim of someone on the fulfillment center, which seems appropriate.

The manufacturer also sent the bot this map showing their worldwide shipping times and supply chain. I know quite a few subscribers have questions about shipping for the first month when items are in transit. This breaks down their process a bit. I think customs is the biggest chunk of the delivery time. Packing the little mice on a plane and getting them to the cats that need to feel more interesting can’t take long.

First Bought
Dec 15, 2015

cat toy