Question About Pranks

I got a question recently from someone looking to sign up.

Q: I’m considering signing up for your service as a prank on a good friend. I was actually genuinely intrigued and interested in giving it a try for myself but noticed the for self/for prank checkbox at the last second and decided driving a buddy nuts would be even better.

One thing I’m wondering though, is if this friend were to become frustrated with receiving the packages, what are my options if they begin refusing them or sending them back? Would I be able to refund the remaining balance for the bot or perhaps divert the future shipments to myself? If a person got fed up within a couple weeks I’d hate to see the rest go to waste.
I’m also curious about the details of the service as a prank. Does this cause the bot to prioritize more asinine or confusing purchases? How does it differ in how it’s delivered/presented?

A: The prank option on sign up doesn’t have a huge effect on the packages. The packages are presented/delivered in the exact same way and there are a few small differences in how packages are prioritized. I am just interested in why folks are signing up. Your friend’s packages won’t have any indication that they are from you.

You can add new addresses and change addresses mid-month. The issue is that the shipping time is usually about a month. So there is a month delay in any changes you make. Right after you signing up you will get a login to the site that lets you split packages among multiple  addresses. You could send $20 to yourself and $10 to your friend, for example. That way your friend gets packages a bit more slowly if you want to gauge the reaction.
Also, if you think your friend might get frustrated by the packages… perhaps send them to a different friend! Some pranks aren’t for everyone. If your friend finds my phone number and doesn’t sound like they are having fun I will out you, be warned.
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Question About Totally Random Packages

I got a question yesterday from someone who just signed up for the bot….

Q: This may be a dumb question, but I can’t find a definitive answer – do I *have* to set keywords to get packages, or does a lack of keywords just make the packages totally random?

I was thinking I’d wait and see what I get before I start tweaking, if that’s an option, but I don’t want to just not get anything because I didn’t set any keywords. 🙂

A: Good question! You don’t need to set keywords to get packages. However the bot will wait a bit for you to set keywords before buying anything, so not setting keywords will delay the first packages by 1-2 weeks.

If you select ‘random’ as a keyword you should get totally random packages a bit faster.
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Question About Messing Up The Bot’s Logic

I got a question by email yesterday from a subscriber who just got this product in the mail. 

Q: Is there any way to prevent ordering from a specific seller in the future, to exclude them, or to know who/where an item came from?  I received an item today I really would have loved but the bottle broke in shipping.  It was nail polish, so no chance to save it.  It was not packaged well for a glass bottle.

I understand if that’s beyond the bot’s code.  I still rated it as positive because I don’t want a negative rating to mess up the logic.
A: Good to hear from you! That does sound disappointing.

The best way to prevent the bot from ordering from a specific seller is to give the product a negative rating. It won’t mess up the logic. Negative feedback make the bot a lot less likely to re-buy a particular product. Right now the products aren’t categorized by specific sellers. But it is certainly possible for products to get blacklisted if they get negative feedback.

The product was sold by Chic Beauty, a store on based in China. The item you got is this one.
This nail polish has been ordered by the bot 14 times so far, gotten 5 positive ratings and no negative ratings. The bot really likes products with 100% positive feedback. If you switch your rating the bot will not buy it nearly as much and hopefully there will be fewer broken bottles in the mail.