Special Keyword: Valentine

The bot has a new keyword ‘Valentine’ that you can login and add to your account (or add a new address for your loved one and send them Valentine-related items).

Along with a few Valentine-related surprise packages which might take a bit longer to arrive… for all addresses with ‘Valentine’ selected by February 1st, the bot will order a couple of these hand carved wooden hearts (see picture, colors will be a surprise). These ship from the US, so they should arrive by the 14th. The bot has already sent out a few of these and they’ve all gotten good feedback.

So add ‘Valentine’ to your account by Wednesday if you’d like to get a couple of these little hearts. They are each about an inch long.


Item Of The Day: BlockWorks Droids




I recently met up with subscriber Andrew in Chicago, who brought along this little pair of droids that the bot sent him. Lego is one of the top keywords, as you can see here and here. About 5% of all packages the bought buys are either Legos or similar mini-figures, like these ones. There are a few funny things that we noticed about these figures. First, notice that the BlockWorks logo is ‘Collect Them All’, borrowing generously from Pokemon for some reason. Also it is unclear what the black droid is doing with a blue button on it’s head. My theory is that it got accidentally thrown in at the factory. Or perhaps it is a light so that the drone can’t run off without you seeing where it is!

New Video: Lace & Auto Parts

If you have a minute, watch Tony Graff‘s latest unboxing video, featuring two packages and the recurring lies that sellers put on the customs forms. As Tony mentioned, the bot does buy through Amazon (about 10% of all packages ordered). They are a bit more expensive, but do arrive faster. I do like the 3d glasses in the background!

New Video: Tony Graff Unboxes

Take a look at the first couple unboxings from Tony Graff. Tony is currently #2 in our monumental effort to tag items from all over the internet with keywords for the bot. Check that out here.

I believe the below items were bought through Amazon although clearly not shipped from them directly. What did Tony get from the bot? You have to watch the videos to find out!


Bobcats In Dublin

Last weekend I met up with Adam, Neil and Jonathan of Monday Madness in Dublin for a pint. While it was great to see them, the real purpose of my¬† in order to take the wondrous glitter sent by the bot off of their hands. It is toxic stuff. As you can see in this video (around the 14:00 mark) the “nail decorations” that you can see to the left sent Neil into a rage. I had to apologize. We try to filter offensive items like these out, but sometimes they make it through the cracks anyhow.

The backs of Irish drivers licenses look like the image to the right. I would not have believed this if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes. They have 17 or so little pictures of vehicles ranging from a tractor to five different types of trailers to three or four different types of motorcycles and a horse and buggy if you squint hard enough. Clearly there is more than enough madness to go around in Ireland.

Take a look at their YouTube channel here for the ruining of various video games, madness and occasional unboxings. Follow them on Twitter here for more madness.

Shiny New Icons

dec1blag-img1If you are subscribed to the bot (and if not, why not) you may have noticed some nifty new icons show up on the ‘Arrived’ tab that shows the packages you have received so far.

We now have a little shopping card and a little tag icon for every item you have received in the mail. What do they do?


Click on the tag icon and you go to a screen where you can select which keywords you think are the best match for this item. This helps us pick other items that you are more likely to like. Now if you like/dislike a package, the bot also knows to associate the item with certain keywords and will update its profile for you accordingly. You can use the arrows at the bottom to cycle through the different items you have received. This is part of our Herculean effort to improve the bot’s product-keyword database. The keywords provided by lots of sellers are quite spammy (read more about that here). So we are adding new signals in order to improve the bot.

dec1blag-img3Buy More

Want to order more of a particular item? Click on the little shopping cart icon and you will get the simple form to the left. Let us know how many you want and where they should go. This is new so we are processing orders manually. You will get an email confirmation from us before the order is finalized. If you want a particular color/size or have questions about buying more of a particular item you can email me at alexander@bobcatinabox.com

What do you think of these changes? I’m looking for new ways to get data on packages into the bot, so watch this space!