CanningCrafts Shop

One of the stores our shopping script buys packages from is CanningCrafts, run by Alison Kay out of Ohio. Our script has found it to have some of the best twine and labels for canning enthusiasts.

They write, “Hi, I’m Alison! I’m a graphic designer, illustrator, crafter, gardener, & salsa maker! Combining all of my skills & hobbies has lead me to start CanningCrafts! I started to design my own canning labels because I couldn’t find anything unique enough to dress up my salsa that I was giving away for gifts.

My husband told me to just write on the lids with a Sharpie, but I couldn’t do it! I just had too many people to impress with my salsa & art skills 😀 I think my husband had ulterior motives too – he loves my salsa & just wants to keep it all for himself instead of me giving jars away for gifts!”