Secret Santa

“I received a very nice message from my secret Santa informing me that my gift would actually be several gifts coming to me from bobcat in a box and that it would take about a month for all the packages to arrive. So far 3 small packages from China have arrived. I want my Santa to get credit for this exchange so I am posting a thank you early. Thus is what I’ve received so far: Ultron lego mini fig Mushroom prop Silicone pineapple candy mold

Random weird things….I love it!”

-@Silentblaide on Reddit

ASMR Unboxing Video

WhisperingWhim is out with her latest ASMR unboxing video. She starts with some skepticism given some vendors’ long shipping times. What will she get?

“just as I was on the cusp of canceling this service, I’ve got some actually interesting items!”