Items Of The Day: Arduino Modules

These two arduino modules were shipped by the bot to Ozzy (@1KBM). The bot loves shipping arduino packages, I’m not sure why. There are quite a few in the $1 price range that the bot buys in. They match keywords ‘arduino’, ‘gadget’, ‘technology’, ‘electrical’, ‘sensor’ and many others.



Item Of The Day: Emergency Fire Starter Flint Match

This is an item the bot found under the keyword ‘lighter’. It is a reusable match intended to be used when you are out camping… I think.




Here is the description the bot got from the merchant who shipped the item….

Mini shape, light weight, space-saving and easy to carry.
Applicable at anywhere, anytime and any condition, including moist weather or low temperature
Simplicity of operation.
High quality, can be used for thousands of times.

Once the flame become weaker, you need to add a little lighter fluid to the canister. (The lighter fluid can be gas or kerosene, and neither of them is included in the package).

Color: Silver
Item size: 4.8 * 3 * 1.1cm
Item weight: 18g

Package include:
1x Match Lighter