Item Of The Day: Porcelain Earrings

gemtasticfantastic has posted some lovely earrings over on Instagram that the bot sent her. Keywords: earring, jewelry, bead

Item Of The Day: Band Aid Sticky Notes

Is your snowflake colleague away from their desk? Does your harsh criticism need some stationery to bandage it? The bot has ordered gemtasticfantastic these fine bandaid stickies, so at least she is all set.

Item Of The Day: Rabbit Necklace

The bot surprised jhermart on Instagram with this rabbit necklace. Might not have been what he was expecting. Keywords: necklace, rabbit, jewelry, green, gold.

Item Of The Day: Vinyl Record Coasters

At the end of a long day at the office do you love to put your mug down on a smooth vinyl record? But how do you deal with the inevitable fallout of leaving stains on your partner’s priceless progressive rock collection? Well for UK residents the bot is ordering these stylish coasters for only £2.92. Save yourself the two hour fight over  circular stains on catalogue number VR 13–105 of Oldfield’s Tubular Bells. Add keywords ‘vinyl’ or ‘coaster’ to your account.

Half of the subscribers who have gotten these have given it positive ‘thumbs up’ feedback and no one has yet given their product negative ‘sad box’ feedback. Why would you?   So that puts these tiny mats at the top of the bot’s list for the UK for now.