Item Of The Day: Ravens On A Branch Wall Art

Do you want to feel like there is a tree in your house? Do you want to bring some of that forest back home? Sarah-Anne just posted this picture of some smart looking birds sitting on a branch, a piece of wall art that was her latest Bobcat In A Box delivery.

Keywords: wall art, decor, birds

Item Of The Day: Cute Ring

On Instagram Sarah-Annie has posted pictures of her latest package from the bot, a nice sparkly ring. “Todays #bobcatinabox delivery. Normally i dont wear rings, but this is *really* cute…and sparkles…all jewelry must sparkle?”

Keywords: ring, jewelry

Item Of The Day: Colorful Pen Bracelet

On Twitter @goddesshanna has posted pictures of her latest package from the bot. “It’s @BobcatinABox time! I think I’ll have to give these out to my real and honorary nieces, 90s me would’ve loved them.”

Keywords: pen, stationery, colorful 

Item Of The Day: David Meowie

Yesterday machine girlboy posted on Instagram these cute cards ordered by our bot from

“This is definitely the coolest thing I’ve gotten from #bobcatinabox Thanks to @rua_edinburgh its so cute! . #postcard #cat #davidbowie #davidmeowie #pug #pugsandkisses #illustration #art #surprise #mail”

Keywords: cat, cute cat, cute, David Bowie, funny, postcard, Etsy, From UK*

Item Of The Day: Leaf Pendant Necklace

On Instagram Sarah-Ann posted a picture of this leaf pendant necklace. She writes, “My latest bobcatinabox delivery. Bobcatinabox is a monthly subscription of randomness. It works by paying a certain amount a month to a computer bot that then uses your choice of keywords to search for packages online. So far i have been pleasantly surprised by what it finds, like this neat little pendant necklace. So far ive had the keywords focused on mostly fashion items so ive been getting quite a few necklaces and hair clips.”

Keywords: jewelry, necklace, pendant, silver, fashion, leaf

Item Of The Day: Multi-function Portable Tool Card

Lauren Clark just posted on Instagram this super cool multi-tool. The feedback data on this product is amazing, so our buying script has ordered hundreds of them. Especially for Lauren I’ve translated the Chinese text (see below) which explains exactly what each of the 11 functions are. I’m not sure a round hold counts as a tool. Lauren was right about the can opener!

Multi-function Portable Tool Card

1. Can opener: For opening tin cans, the lower hook is used together with the upper edge.
2. Side knife: For cutting rope, and after washing can also be used for cutting fruit.
3. Flathead screwdriver: For tightening and loosening common types of screws.
4. Ruler: Uses the metric system; effective measurement distance of 4cm, marked at mm.
5. Bottle-opening:: For opening beer and other beverages.
6. Allen key: For tightening four different types of nuts and bolts.
7. Adjustable spanner: Can be used to screw special bolts such as flat or semi-circular heads using the principle of leverage, or to break hard flat objects.
8. Double-row staggered tooth saw: For sawing wood branches, or removing fish scales.
9. Direction indicator: When unable to distinguish direction in a forest or desert, set your map in the direction indicated by the compass, placing the hollow center of the identifier on your approximate position on map; this can be used continuously to indicate the direction of your destination through the sixteen-scale direction indication.
10. Dowelled spanner: Two different types of allen key smaller than the #6 model.
11 Round hole: Card can be hung on a key ring.

Warning: This tool is made from sharp steel, please be careful while using or carrying it!