Mortal Bobcat: Nitro Fueled Round 1

Our friends in Dublin, Monday Madness, have started a Crash Team Racing tournament with bobcat packages as prizes. Who will win out from our class of eight players? Tune in to find out!

Note – There is a decapitation in the first minute, the rest of the tournament is decapitation free.

Item Of The Day: Microwood Elephant

Featured at the end of one of Monday Madness’ unboxings, this cute little wooden elephant from Etsy is assembled from cut out pieces of cardboard.

The seller writes, “The cards won’t break because of the extreme flexibility of our wood and can easily be cut out by a knife, scissors, punching. The Postcards are containing a “Elephant ” that can be broken out by the receiver of the postcard and put together like a real little cute Elephant! The Elephant can then be used as a lovely decoration.”

Monday Madness PokéBobcats Part 4

In their fourth and final part of this PokéBobcats series – where they pitch Pokemon against each other for valuable packages ordered by the bot – our friends at Monday Madness get quite a few metal products, which are of course ceremoniously banged on the table to verify their authenticity. Perhaps because of the keywords, the algorithm has decided to send more packages with pop culture references. Spoiler alert: no elephants this time!

“Get it out of the freaking packaging!!”

Monday Madness PokéBobcats Part 2

In Round 2 of Monday Madness’s PokéBobcats tournament they move to the first Doubles round after James’ emphatic victory in the Singles. Could he get a full sweep of Bobcats in this round?
“Don’t say Bobcat In A Box doesn’t help you with everything in life.”
“If you don’t get off my back, I’ll stab you with a mushroom”
“I was looking for one of these earlier on… so thanks Bobcat! It actually smells like purple.”