Shop Profile: Basement Dwellerz

One of the stores our shopping script buys packages from is Basement Dwellerz, formerly known as Project Mayhem Supply, an Etsy shop that churns out stickers and buttons from a basement somewhere in Colorado (Instagram @the_collector_couple). All the stickers are designed on adobe illustrator. The material used varies from vinyl to clear material and coming soon craft paper.

Creative Etching

One of the stores our shopping script buys packages from is Creative Etching run by Jerry Ringling out of southern Maryland (you can see more of Jerry’s work on Deviant Art at He uses digital images and analog techniques to work the metal. Our script buys shoelace tags and keychains from him with emoticons and nifty sayings like ‘Do you know where your wand is?’ and ‘Cthulhu for President’.

Each tag is individually made by Jerry using an acid-fee electrolytic etching technique. The tags work well with boots and shoes, both adult and kids’ sizes. 

Glitter Punk Jewellery

One of the stores our shopping script buys packages from is Glitter Punk Jewellery out of London, England (Instagram @glitter.punk). This is where our script has found some colorful acrylic, jewellery & pins and stickers. Sarah, who runs the shop sat down with our shopping robot to discuss her operation.

-What would you do if someone sent you a live bobcat in the post?
I’d jump out of the way so I don’t get scratched in the face!

-How do you get inspiration for your designs?
I have lots of themes I like to explore – I’m particularly obsessed with cats and really enjoy drawing animals! I also like to play with opposites, as well as celestial and witchy themes. Most of my inspiration comes from doodling and daydreaming until something catches my eye and I develop it further!

-How did you get started with Glitter Punk?
I started small back in 2015 – I’d been casually illustrating for a few years and was looking for a creative release from my corporate job. I started out designing acrylic jewellery, with lots of trial and error along the way! I don’t have any formal artistic training so it’s interesting so see how dramatically Glitter Punk has evolved through the years.

-What is your favorite book?
I love historical fantasy; I’ve read The Watchmaker of Filigree Street more times than I should probably admit! Anything by Laura Purcell is also a great read, and I still crack out the Harry Potters on an annual basis! 

-What can I do to keep my jewellery looking the best?
For metal based jewellery and pins I’d always recommend storing them somewhere they can’t get scratched. Occasionally if they get little marks you can use jewellery cleaning cloths to buff them up, and you can also try toothpaste or hand lotion if the cloths don’t work. But use any product with caution and test on a small area first! 

-Do you have any tips for Americans or Canadians visiting London?
It’s a fantastic city, whatever your passions are, there’ll be something here for you. I love Somerset House which often has lots of small but interesting exhibitions, the weekend food market at South Bank, and watching the world go by with a slice of cake in Soho! I’d also recommend a trip to Shoreditch or Hackney for a different perspective view on the city. Also, always stand on the right on the tube!