Jewelry Unboxing Video: What To Make With This?

On Friday Kythryne Aisling of Wyrding Studios in New Hampshire live streamed an epic unboxing of 41 packages, most of which she plans to make into jewelry. Just before the 19:41 mark she unboxes a little fairy garden house, which one live viewer mistook for a Christmas ornament.
Turtle earrings at 49:15 and Zebras appear at 25:38!

Kraken Unboxing!

Keeping our cephalopod theme from yesterday, here is In the first unboxing video from gordy12gg. He opens one of the most popular items that our script has found so far, a six-limb* menacing kraken on a necklace.

Add the keyword octopus to your account in order to get more molluscs in your life!

Keywords: jewelry, necklace, vintage, cute, pendant, marine, movie, octopus, pirate

*Wikipedia says that they are limbs, not tentacles or arms. Please no hate mail!
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