Item Of The Day: 1pcs Stainless Steel Watch Strap Band Spring Bar Link Pin Remover Repair Tool

Lets put this in the oddly specific category… here is an item that the bot found for the keyword “tool” last week.

This is a tool that “is great for easily fitting and removing spring bars and watch band lugs”. It looks more like a dentist’s tool to me. It must be helpful for watch self-repair somehow. If this arrives in your mailbox, perhaps you can let us know.


Mario Joins Toad

The same subscriber who got Toad from the bot just sent me a couple pictures of a Mario figure the bot bought as well. Take a look! Both were bought under the keyword “action figure”.


Digimon Toy Phone

I just wanted to re-post here pictures of this awesome toy phone that Lauren made for her son out of items sent by the bot.

She posted on our nascent facebook page, which is just getting started, writing “Made my son a toy phone out of the cool Digimon phone case he got today. Didn’t fit any of our phones, but he was excited to get something different (it’s been mostly Lego figures so far).”