Cyber Monday: Ship Dinosaurs


Just for Cyber Monday, we are launching with a special offer… as many dinosaurs as you like for $1 each. We worked out a special integration with some suppliers just off Costa Rica and have a great deal with the post office on shipping.

We only have a few of the best sorts of dinosaurs left. The Hatzegopteryxes can be a handful. So head over and make sure your Aunt gets a Stegosaurus in time for Christmas.

If you already have a Bobcat In A Box account and would like to add some dinosaurs, send me an email at

Item Of The Day: Glass Holiday Gems

These 10 holiday gems were bought by the bot in March for Heather who writes for the blog Shades of Tangerine. The bot is rather clueless when it comes to the seasons. She writes “Look at the cuteness on these teeny tiny gems.  Everything about them is adorable.I don’t know what purpose they will serve yet, but they are too charming to overlook.” Now that they are in season, I am sure she will find a  use for them.

Want to get items like this? Update your profile with these keywords: craft, bead.

bobcat part 3 6


Item Of The Day: Lego Mona Lisa

Here is MerchMan Dan’s first unboxing video, where you can see one of the lego items that the bot found on the web… a tiny Mona Lisa on a lego 2×2 plate.

If you are interested and have the time, check out all his unboxing videos as the bot only bought him legos (which was his only keyword).

Want to get items like this? Update your profile with these keywords: lego.



A fast moving bot brings largely anonymous merchants together with subscribers from all over the world to deliver unanticipated and perhaps unwanted surprise packages. Some might call it pointless. But this experiment has so far brought joy and laughs to enough people that I think we will keep it going.

I am thankful for everyone who is part of this project… the bot, although surely it does not care. The subscribers, who have a good sense of humor. The merchants, although they have no idea that they are participating. The team behind the project, which has been making sure the bot does not go off the rails.

If you are in the US, I hope you found some turkey today. If you somehow missed it on the homepage, check out the unboxing compilation I put together for YouTube a few days ago.

Thanks to @RyanSonofnectar for the above roboturkey picture.


Feedback & Data

The bot is using it’s feedback database to gradually improve the packages it buys. As we get ready to launch Bobcat In A Box 2.0, I just wanted to highlight this short article on how the bot handles feedback on products from subscribers.

We have run a few experiments with using feedback data from subscribers to pick new products. This week this capability will be rolled out to everyone. The exciting part is that the bot is learning from the packages it sent to find better, more interesting ones. Given the volume of packages ordered, the bot might be able to quickly get a quite refines sense of what the most surprising and delightful small products are on the internet.

Be assured that we are not sharing any of this data. Re-targeting can be creepy and that is not what this is about. We are simply improving the bot over time using feedback data.

Questions? Email me at