Digimon Toy Phone

I just wanted to re-post here pictures of this awesome toy phone that Lauren made for her son out of items sent by the bot.

She posted on our nascent facebook page, which is just getting started, writing “Made my son a toy phone out of the cool Digimon phone case he got today. Didn’t fit any of our phones, but he was excited to get something different (it’s been mostly Lego figures so far).”


Lego Bobcat

The bot has been busy shipping legos to MerchMan Dan, who selected “lego” as his only keyword.

As it has been a while since I posted here, I just wanted to share his unboxing videos… in case you were considering using “lego” as a keyword.


New Bobcat Unboxing Videos!!! @The_Macula @dollarcraft @rhonda_greene

I just added a bunch of new videos to our video section… take a few minutes and check them out.

There are a bunch from Heather Mann’s Crafty Bobcat series, one from Rhonda Greene and a couple from Macula in the UK who has so far received some tiny beads and a cheap but strange ring.

From these videos, it appears that there was a glut of cheap beads on eBay a couple weeks ago.

If you are doing anything creative with Bobcat In A Box – video or otherwise – and want to share send me an email at alexander@bobcatinabox.com.

Have a great weekend everyone!